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Mount Shekinah Country Hotel | KZN Midlands Wedding Venue

Mount Shekinah Country Hotel is the perfect place to have your wedding.


Have you always dreamt of having a country wedding in a stunning KZN Midlands Wedding Venue, and being one with nature as you celebrate your special day? Then Mount Shekinah Country Hotel is the perfect place to have your wedding.

Exchange your vows in our lovely Chapel with glass walls, bringing natural light and the lush green surroundings into your special moment. Should you prefer an outdoor wedding, we offer two outdoor spaces, the first is on our stunning garden, with a white gazebo already in place and offers a floral background, this space is wedding ready!

The other outdoor space is pan-flat, lush green lawn with a backdrop of trees and rolling hills, due to its minimalist design, this space is suited for couples who want the freedom of designing a personalised wedding decor. Both spaces were designed to make your wedding photos spectacular.


After the ceremony, our elegant Upper Room, which accommodates 200 people, offers an exquisite venue for a memorable reception. We also offer the use of a large, glass marque for your outdoor events.

Spend your wedding night in our luxurious Honeymoon Suite, with its own private garden and swimming pool – a perfect setting for a romantic breakfast in the first morning you wake up as Mr & Mrs! We have plenty of rooms to accommodate your guests, you may choose to join them for a scrumptious breakfast, in the main restaurant, the day after your wedding, to reminisce and share memories of your memorable event.

There are 100 reasons why Mount Shekinah Country Hotel is the best choice for a wedding in the countryside (well, maybe 50!), but here’s a few to ponder: Our ‘just bring your dress and guests’ wedding venue ensures a stress-free wedding for you. In choosing Mount Shekinah Country Hotel as your wedding venue, you can rest assured by our expertise, experience, care, and support in the planning for your special day.

We understand that this day only happens once, and we will pull out all the stops to make your day the most memorable of your life. The unbeatable combination of our experienced team and exquisite wedding venue, makes for a special day, captured in a series of beautiful pictures framed by picturesque views of open lawns, beautiful gardens and green rolling mountains that the KZN Midlands is synonymous for. This is indeed one of the most exquisite wedding venues in KZN Midlands.

We create memories that will last forever.


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